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Currently in its 11th year, Bollywood Strings has played a major part in taking Bollywood arrangements/ Indian Strings a step further, merging it with western pop and jazz, Flemish and Flamenco music along the way. Bollywood Strings has enticed western musicians and music lovers to a whole new phase of cross culture music. 


Market Niche


Bollywood Strings specialises in recordings, composing and Indian string arrangements. Under the able direction of renowned violinist, composer & string arranger, Chandru, this company has successfully created a niche in the music market of the UK & Europe.


Highest Quality


All our recordings are done at the very best studios in India using the finest musicians, often in up to 3 different states in India. We use up to a 100 string players, a variety of percussion and backing instruments. 



Bollywood Strings offers a wide range of services which we have categorised into 4 categories for simplicity. All our services are tailored to your individual needs. Read in more detail as you drill down our services below :


  Bollywood String Arrangements 

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  Composing & Recording

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  Live Performances 

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  Solo Artists for recordings 

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Bollywood String Arrangements

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Bollywood Strings and Tamasha

Chandru orchestrates and arranges the music for a Tamasha production, Wuthering Heights, a Bollywood musical, together with established conductor and arranger, John Rigby. The music for this musical was recorded in our very own Sa Digital Recording in Bangalore.

The desert of Rajasthan is the setting for this irresistible musical version of Emily Brontë’s tale of passion, jealousy and revenge. 

Shakuntala is the fiery and headstrong daughter of spice merchant Singh. Krishan is the wily street urchin from Bombay that Singh brings home after a trip to market. Thrown together as unlikely siblings, a tumultuous romance soon develops. But can their love withstand Indian society’s taboos and hierarchies, not to mention Shakuntala's yearning for the life of luxury that only neighbouring landowner Vijay can provide?

Featuring romance, melodrama and a captivating soundtrack, Tamasha’s vibrant new production brings together a creative team from the worlds of contemporary and classical Indian music and West End musical theatre with some of the best British Asian writing and acting talent. 

Wuthering Heights is touring the UK until June 2009. Click here to read more about the show.

Watch "Wuthering Heights" highlights on YOUTUBE:

"Wuthering Heights" preview
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"The Sun Will Rise"
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Why Bollywood?
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The ultimate website for Bollywood music and Bollywood Strings in Britain and Europe... Taking the concept of mix-culture fusion music into a new dimension... Join the niche with Bollywood Strings.


For more info on our Clients & Music  More info on our Clients & Music 

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