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Welcome to Sa Digital Recording


Most of the string arrangements and recordings that we do are undertaken in our fine studio in India. The reason... the strings effect is outstanding when played by a group of over 50 Indian string players is worth any price and for us the investment in an Indian studio appeared worth while.


Digital Excellence 


Our studio is designed with brilliant acoustics and is equipped with the latest Protools HD Accel 3 and has one large sound hall (especially for strings) and three 0ther vocal and solo instruments acoustic rooms. The entire set up was designed and implemented by well established engineer from Germany, Christoph Brachar, who is now settled in London.


The other plus point is that Bangalore works 24/7 and so you can record whenever you feel like it.


Central Location


Our studio is located in a lovely suburb, not too far away from the Bangalore City Centre. The efficient "Auto Rickshaws" get you to us in no time.


100% Total Care


But we wanted to give our clients even more. The studio comes with a fantastic home-like accommodation, a composing room, a resting room and best of all, a roof garden for our artists to relax. 



Our roof garden is open enough for brilliant fresh air but sheltered from the unpredicted rain. Even better, is the fantastic view from the top. Decorated with over 80 palm trees and a host of flowers, one would want nothing more to wind down the day. 


At night, the garden turns into a well-lit open air lounge for you to enjoy your meal and drinks. We have a team of staff to attend to all your needs. 


The Guarantee


Our package is therefore totally comprehensive. Enjoy a brilliant Bangalore holiday, record at one of its best studios and most importantly, get the best string arrangements, Bollywood music and all under Chandru's able direction.


We guarantee that there will be no regrets. 





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Sa Digital Recording : 


Top Digital Recording Suite

Brilliant acoustics

Central Location

Easy Access

Comfortable accommodation

24/7 service

Roof Garden / Artist Lounge

Brilliant package

100% guarantee

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