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Bollywood Strings offers a wide range of services which we have categorised into 4 categories for simplicity. All our services are tailored to your individual needs. Read in more detail as you drill down our services below :

  Bollywood String Arrangements 

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We specialise in recording Indian string arrangements for vocal and instrumental tracks for pop and classical artists. The service we render is of a very high standard and most importantly, we undertake assignments all-inclusively, simply meaning that we will come to an agreed figure at the outset for the entire project and should the project overrun its budget, we would not charge you a penny extra.

  Composing & Recording

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Bollywood Strings (Chandru) has orchestrated and recorded the the tracks for pop, jazz and classical albums, which have been released in the UK and Europe as well as the USA and India. You only have to provide the rough track or even just the lyrics and we will do the rest.


Besides composing for albums, Chandru has composed for dance, orchestras and theatre.


We also compose and arrange for films and animations, especially where there is an Asian element in the production e.g. documentaries on India, its people or wildlife, the Indians in Britain, Indo-Western movies or animations or live projects.

  Live Performances 

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Along side the composing and arranging work, we have performed at an array of venue across UK and Europe and worked closely with many artists, pop groups, dancers and orchestras around the world. 


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  Solo Artists for recordings 

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While Chandru's main passion for composing and arranging, other artists have realised that having Chandru as a soloist on the albums or performances has added and continuous to add enormous value to their work. 


Chandru has therefore performed in over 40 albums and over 50 concerts in UK alone.


Drill down to read how Chandru has made a difference to the work of many.


Besides Chandru, Bollywood Strings also engages and supplies the services of a host of solo and sessions musicians for live performances and recordings. Our musician's database will enable you to book musicians for any type of work you require.




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